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Another quick update for you. Today we took Reuben to Darley Park café which is full of dogs. I used the opportunity to walk him to heel through lots of distractions and politely meet other dogs.

The training you have taught us was so helpful.
I heard a number of people comment on how well trained he was so I made sure they were made aware of all-for-dogs and the fantastic training course you've given.
Thanks again
Chris, Louise and Reuben.

Tracey has worked wonders with my very frightened rescue dog, Katie. Katie has increased in confidence and is now a joy to walk on her lead and has now joined the another group to try for her Bronze citizen award. Tracey is so good, I've started the beginner training group this morning with an even more petrified rescue dog, Star. 
 I can't recommend All for Dogs enough! - Becky

Really enjoyed the block of classes we attended. Fab trainer and lovely atmosphere - Sandra and Buffy

Fun, enjoyment and a sense of doing right by your dog sums up my feelings about this dog training club. We have been taught by Sue, Chris and Tracey to achieve socialisation, beginners, bronze and silver awards. They all have a love for dogs, a wealth of knowledge and experience and a great sense of humour combined with a professional outlook - what more can you want!........................Pat,Mick and Freddy.

I have 2 dogs and have attended training with both of them.  One has reached the Bronze and my other is going for Silver.  Tracey provides an environment where the training is stimulating for both the owner and the dog.  Any concerns about your dogs can be openly discussed and a problem solving approach is given to all those that attend.  - Linda, Ruby and Scooby


Fun for Dogs class is just that, fun with your dog - agility, rally-o, scenting, recall, retrieve and country dancing, learning new skills – brilliant and great fun.  Prior to starting Fun classes, achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards with the help of Tracey, Chris and Carole.  Great to meet like minded people and dogs wanting to achieve positive results, improved behaviour and obedience.  You’ll be surprised at what your dog can do………………….Penny, Phil, Sam and Gillie.


Dear Tracey,

just a quick E-Mail, to say as Cleopatra is our first dog, bringing her to puppy and dog classes is THE BEST THING WE HAVE EVER DONE . The puppy classes enabled Cleopatra to learn how to MEET AND GREET,  I am sure it it why she is so confident and friendly with all dogs she meets today..  The Good Citizen Dog Awards are a wonderful scheme, (with rosettes on completion) some of the lessons, regularly come into play  each day, for example, the  'DOWN'  command is very useful when out walking off the lead on the park  when cyclists or horses are approaching, and i often  get thanks from the riders who say " WHAT A WELL TRAINED DOG "...  The advice you give in classes was so useful, and as you can teach us  INDOORS as well as having facilities OUTSIDE  nothing can stop us in any weather.  


Sue, Nigel and Cleo



Rosie did her Bronze, Silver and Gold training 4 years ago, helping her to understand the world around her from both her aspect and mine - this training gave us both focus and purpose, and led to us to achieve a gentle balance between mutual respect and affection.  Recently we have joined Tracey's Fun Dog Club to remind Rosie that training and fun still go hand-in-hand - she is thoroughly enjoying it.  Dougal joined us early summer and although I initially despaired of him ever emulating his 'Auntie Rosie's' wonderful achievements, at seven and a half months he has just completed his Bronze - which leads me to another point - that your patience is the key to a happy and well adjusted dog - don't be hard on yourself or the dog because it doesn't click at first - just give yourself and your dog time and enjoy the process and you will both reap the rewards - thank you Tracey and co.    Val, with Rosie and Dougal.


Hello Tracey, 
Well what a difference a day makes. Charlotte and I took Molly to the Chatsworth Christmas Market today and she was an absolute delight to be with.  Molly has been progressing well at training and at home, but we and her, had yet to make the link to going out. We usually have a Molly day once a week where we take her to a public event, normally she would be pulling to get to other dogs and balls, despite our best efforts to make her heel and generally behave, she would be quite persistent and want to do her own thing. However, I think something in yesterdays training session made it all click together, I noticed an improvement during the session but wasn't expecting what happened today.
Today Molly walked to heel, walked slowly behind other people, ignored other dogs, kept looking at us for direction and sat quietly whilst we had a cup of tea even though there was a Westie 2 tables away! Molly looked positively happy and literally bounced with joy as we walked through the gardens. Here the "leave" command was very useful, as we turned a corner the ground was covered in red berries and Molly tried to pick them up. Remembering all the hazards from the previous day I immediately said leave and Molly responded and moved away. Well done Molly.
I know we need to keep working hard with the training, but I sure, from Molly's point of view, because we have improved our "Dog speak" she has more confidence in us to lead her.
Thank you for the "reality training" it really helped us both.
See you next week.  -  Lynne and Molly

Dear Tracey, I would like to say how much my husband  i enjoy your FUN CLASSES, the classes help reinforce the training we did in the Good Citizenship awards in a very fun way, which we and our dog enjoy.    few friends believe we do COUNTRY DANCING, ( love the video) , RALLYO or AGILITY , SCENT  and so much more,  Whats it this week ? SEND AWAY or RETRIEVE, put the kettle on, open the biscuits, see you soon.    All the best, Sue ..