Very bad last few weeks - My Belgian shepherd Maisie stopped eating (very unusual ) so off to the vets - blood tests taken and initially diagnosed with pancreatitis.  AFter still not eating, my vets were very worried, especially with the amout of weight loss (6kg) so she was referred to Dovecote Vets in Castle Donington.  As she was on a drip, she had to stay there (10 days) until some biopsy results came back showing a disrupted tumour in her stomach.  Maisie (Vapresto Classy Maserati) was put to sleep on Wednesday at 6.45pm - she was in my lap having a huge cuddle when she went.

Ran my first workshop last Friday (6th Sept) - invited Sue Betteridge across to run a Clicker Taster Workshop.  I joined in with Shadow and all of us (9 dogs in total!) had a really fun day - it was very interesting learning how to use a clicker properly and seeing how other people train their dogs.


I will be going off in October to a Rally Workshop so hope to pick up plently of tips there too!

Doesn't time fly past!!  My eldest son has just started college - it definitely doesn't feel like 5 years since he started "big" school.  It also means that my two dogs are getting older - Maisie is now 9 and Shadow is 6 - I must be due a puppy  :)


WHAT A WEEK!!!    Gold Success on Wed 31/7 to Barbara and Molly, Linda and Molly, Linda and Scooby, then on Monday 5/8 MORE gold success to Roger and Daisy, Barbara and Maisie, Val and Poppy, Sarah and Marley.  Very well done to all of you.


SILVER SUCCESSES - Well done to Jackie and Ruby, Bev and Pheobe, Phil and Gilly.   Bad luck to Maxine with Penny who did everything really well but wouldn't leave mum for 2 minutes for the stays!  better luck next time :)




Bronze successes on Wednesday!!  Well done to Abbey with Toby and Caroline with Nora!




Classes are still small - people must be on holiday.  I decided to go the the Derbyshire County Show yesterday - it was as muddy as Glastonbury - the sun shone briefly in the afternoon though and everyone has a smile on their faces so was a good time out!



New classes have started since my last blog - they are quite small but have some really nice dogs and owners in them.


Have had some Good Citizen tests, with 4 rescue dogs all passing their Silver awards, and 2 handers passing their bronze - photo attached.



New beginner classes started again yesterday - 2 lovely dogs (and handlers) in the morning, followed by 8 in the evening.

Had a good time yesterday at the Funday Doggy Day organised at doodledogsderby by Bev Ilott.  Lots of dogs with lovely owners turned up and the weather couldn't have been any better.  I even came home with a rosette, with my Maisie getting 4th in the veterans class.

Had two lovely beginner classes finish on Monday, hope the next batch are just as nice. - Places still available on the classes that start 13th May, at 10am and 7pm.

Just returned from a nice refreshing week away in Jersey with my husband (no kids or dogs invited!!) to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary. If you have never been there, then I thoroughly recommend it.  The ferry trip out was a bit horrific (not enough people or vehicles on the ferry coupled with extremely turbulent seas!), but the hotel couldn't be faulted - the staff there were very friendly and the food was great.

Had a good show commitee meeting at Starbucks on Sunday - Derwent Valley Dog Club and All for Dogs are running a Dog Show at RSPCA Burton on the 15th September - put the date in your diary!!

New beginner classes started on Monday - met some lovely people and beautiful dogs - most were under 5 months old, so this next 6 weeks are going to be special!

Almost a third of the way through the year alredy - where does the time fly?  I had a really good week last week, 2 beginner classes finished and a Good Citizens class started, did some really good one to one sessions, meeting some lovely people with their dogs (all began with C - Cedric, Chase and Charleston).

Finished off the week with the annual social at Derwent Valley Dog Club where we have a competetive quiz and good food!


This week promises to be just as good, with 2 new beginner classes starting and a Good citizen Bronze starting, looking forward to it.

CRUFTS 2013 - all over and done with in the blink of an eye.  I had a wonderful time there on Thursday with my best mate Dorothy and again on Saturday with Dorothy and my youngest son Ryan.


I've cuddled a 6 month old papillon, cocker spaniels, belgian shepherds (of course!), poodles, king charles spaniels and many more, spoken to many breeders, dog trainers and specialists, sat and watched a friend compete brilliantly in the freestyle heelwork to music, and another win his class in the breed, and sat at home giving my verdict about the dog to become best in show (wrong as usual! - I thought the australian shepherd would get it! - though I do think the tervueren should have won the pastoral group)


Looking forward to crufts 2014 and hopefully by then I will have completed my KCAI assessment!




What a week it has been so far.


Last week, Fiona Craighead passed her Bronze award with her Lurcher, Foxy, and we have had a couple of groups finish their Puppy foundation awards.


I went to a KCAI mentoring session on Saturday - 7:30pm which finished at almost 11pm by the time we left the building (chatting!) Thank you very much to Tina Meaney and Dave Campbell for your help and advice.



Need to say well done to Ellen Sanders and Ruben, and Linda Muir and Ruby for achieving their GOLD good citizens award on Wednesday.  The gold is a difficult level to achieve and to be able to pass you need to show that you have both a special bond with your dog and control in various situations.



What a busy week this week has been - new beginner classes started on the 4th Feb at 10 am and 7pm, Barbara and Lola passing their Bronze award on Monday, then Linda and Ruby, Jenny and Henry, Susan and Bobby Sox, Valerie and Dougal all passing their Silver award on Wednesday.  Well done to all of them!




Had a good time with Debbie at Davison vets last night - 2 puppies turned up, a little brown roan cocker spaniel and a yorkie.  I was explaining to the handlers how important play is with the dogs and demonstrating with Finn (the Cocker).  About 10 minutes later, Debbie (the vet nurse) started to play with the ball on the rope only she didn't keep the ball down and managed to smack herself in the face with it!!


Spent most of the day with my best friend Dorothy, visiting the wholesalers and then cleaning the hall - hope the handlers appreciate it.



Just getting ready to go to Davison Vets in Nottingham.  I am going to meet a group of puppies (and their owners) that have been attending the Veterinary nurse Debbie's socialisation classes, and explain to them the benefits of carrying out some form of training with their dogs.



Had good fun this afternoon with a small group working towards their Kennel Club Good Citizens Silver Award, as I was explaining how important it is to provide mental stimulation for your dog (improving the bond you have with the dog is one reason).  One way to provide the mental stimulation is by teaching your dogs to do tricks.


One lady with a miniature schnauzer, Henry had spent the last few days teaching Henry to jump through a hoop. He did this very nicely with lots of enjoyment on his face, so I showed his owner how to progress this to get Henry jumping through her arms.


Teaching your dog to do anything is mental stimulation and you will find yourselves enjoying it as much as the dog!



At least the horrible white stuff has now gone and we just have to worry about rain and flooding. 


Rain means mud! especially for Shadow, my cocker spaniel.  He is like a hippo - has to find the ONLY patch of mud in a field, then slowly, VERY slowly lowers himself into the mud and wallows, making sure he covers everything in mud.  When he emerges his coat makes these wonderful slurping sounds, which means I either have to go to the river (which you guessed Shadow loves!) to clean him off, or take out the hose when we get home.  I prefer the first option as the dogs have to go through the hall and kitchen before we get into the back yard.


Maisie is much more ladylike - she just likes to get her feet black!



Never written a blog before, but apparantly after talking to Bev at I come across as a chatty person so I will give it a go.


Started my roadwalk and coffee sessions today - due to the weather I didn't expect anyone to turn up - but one dog and two handlers did!! THere was plenty of lemon drizzle cake and fruit cake left over - my sons were very impressed!


Hopefully the weather will be better next week and more people will turn up - especially since the idea is not only to get dogs used to walking nicely on the lead in a busy area, but to also walk nicely when there are other dogs around.