CLOVA - born 28.09.13    died 06.09.18  


She has three sisters (Myth, Bella and Missy) and two brothers (Quincy and Rowan).





Clova now has a little sister.  We have just picked up Daisy, 11 weeks old Tervuren.  clova is really happy as she has a playmate - its been a long time since we lost Shadow.




Clova is maturing into a beautiful young lady - I know i'm biased :)

29/09/2014       Well, Clova is now 1 year old!  and has celebrated the occasion by coming into season - fun for us for the next 3 weeks :)


18/8/2014           Very sad weekend - Shadow took very poorly at 4:30am Saturday morning, and died at 12pm.  Totally unexpected - he was only 7 years old :(



Well we have just come back from a week away on the Somerset Levels. We stayed at a lovely place, definitely suitable for dog owners  in a lovely village called Othery.  This was Clovas first holiday and she really enjoyed herself.  As we weren't too far from the coast, we took her to the beach, firstly to Watchet, then to Brean Down.  She is definitely a paddler rather than a swimmer!



Today we had a choice - I had booked Clova to enter a Breed Show at Stafford as Not For Competition so she could meet up withone of her brothers and one sister, but at the last minute decided to go along to ThunderSprint at Darley Moor near Ashbourne.


The weather was atrocious, so perhaps the indoor show would have been been better, but I was really pleased that Clova wasnt really fazed at all by the sounds of the motorbikes, or the crowds whilst we were walking around.  The only time she wasnt really happy was when people walked a little too close - she has quite a wide personal space area :)


At the show however, her brother and sister both did very well, so must be a good looking family.



We went along to an Open Show today at Coseley - a friend was entering her second show with her young dog in Novice (first show was last week).  I am trying to introduce Clova to the show environment  so that when we start competing, nothing should faze her.  It was a much larger show than last week, and I was really pleased with Clova - we have started doing tiny pieces of work at the shows now, and she is starting to listen to me rather that everything else around her.  Another show this Saturday, then I think we are free for a few weeks.



Six months old already - i cant believe it!


clova now weighs 18.3kg and stands 21 inches tall - hopefull another few inches :)      Her training is coming along very nicely - we learnt some new tricks this week, such as roll over, but concentrating on lying flat (for stays)



24 weeks old, so I decided to weigh and measure Clova.  She currently weighs 17.5 kg and stands 20 inches tall.  All her teeth have now come through- still growing, so we still have chewing (Clova is very partial to socks!!   And pulls them out of the laundry basket)





I actually got myself organised and entered an open competitive obedience show to take Clova along to - she is too young to work (and nowhere near ready :)  ) but its important to get her used to the show environment before she starts to compete. 


It was an indoor show - held in a riding school arena (fantastic venue), so very compact and noisy - it was also a GSD show, so they had a breed ring as well and lots of noisy, big Shepherds.  


I wasnt sure how Clova was going to react as she is quite nervy of different noises, people etc, but she was ok.  We just wandered around, sat and watched even had a go at working in an exercise ring.  Although she was very aware of everything going on around her, Clova even managed to fall asleep at one point!  so I think the more she is exposed to this type of environment, she will manage to eventually work within it, so looking forward to the future :)



What weather we are having!!  Clova loves to splash around in the puddles and mud - wouldn't now that she is a light fawn colour at times - looks very black once we have returned :)



Another interesting few weeks with Clova.  I ended up with a scratched eyeball after playing with her - she jumped at me, feet first - i ended up looking like the bride of Frankenstein!   She is still a timid dog, but gaining confidence every day.


Very pleased with Clova on gaining her good Citizens Bronze award - not bad for a 16 week old puppy!



This has been an interesting week.  Clova has suddenly become more confident with people and is now going up to them (looking for food!).  I took her along to her first ringcraft class on Wednesday - mainly to build up her confidence away from our unit and also to meet other people and dogs.  We have had a young (very bouncy) chocolate labrador staying with us over the weekend - initially Clova was terrified of Ella, but that lasted about an hour, and now I seem to constantly be having to tell them off for being too boisterous in the house.  Ella has managed to knock Clova over a couple of times when we have been out, which has resulted in a very muddy puppy :)



Yesterday was a very good day for Clova - she achieved her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award - not bad for 15wks old!  Next challenge is the KC Bronze Award  :)



Well, so much has happened in the last 4 weeks.  Clova is now 14 weeks old, weighed 10kg at 13weeks old.  She managed to get through the xmas period with only pulling the tinsel off the tree once, which was good and she had fun opening her xmas presents from clients :)


The socialisation classes started again on the 4th - this was our third week.  This time Clova said hello to the other puppies (except Bruce the Boerboel who I think she finds too big and boisterous!)  She even ventured to say hello to some of the other owners too.


The walking out on the lead is coming along nicely - I have started walking her on her own without Shadow which she finds a lot harder and spooks a little with unexpecteed noises - tent poles being put in the boot of the car by some scouts worried her a little yesterday.


Clova has joined in a couple of my training classes this week - she had a go at a some rally obedience which she did very well!  Today she joined in with the Good Citizen group and hopefully she might take her Bronze award soon - need to work on the stays.

15.12.13   Clova went for her first proper walk today!!  She was very curious but didn't venture too far away.  She was only allowed to run around for about 15 minutes then she went back into the doggy pouch - much to her disgust!  Later on in the evening, she went out on her first roadwalk, which included walking alomngside the A52.  She was not bothered by the trafiic at all and actually made friends with a very nervous 4 month old GSD on the way around.  This proves how important it is to make sure that you introduce your puppy to lots of different noises, sights, smells etc before they go out on the lead for the first time.

14.12.13     Clova joined the Saturday puppy school run by Sue.  THere were plenty of other pups there and initially Clova seemed a little fazed by the whole situation - she has been used to seeing adult dogs from the safety of being carried high up in the dog bag.  Half way through she decided that she really really liked a little black cockerpoo :)

01.12.2013  Clova went to her second football match today - desperately wants to get out of the doggy pouch! especially when Shadow is chasing the ball.


Our training is coming along nicely - Clova has learnt to sit, lie down and stand - all using a treat - not sure if the down and stand have got into her little brain yet, but the sit definitley has :) - she will sit without a treat.  Next challenge will be walking on the lead in the garden, but at the moment she is more interested in the leaves - so funny!

30.11.2013 I am so much more relaxed with Clova now - being able to sleep all night does that!   Clova has always been clean through the night, and prefers to go outside to the toilet, so slowly getting there with the toileting - little accidents do happen, especially when the family is distracted. (the weather hasnt been too bad either which helps!  Waterproof shoes and warm coat permanently by the back door).


Clova is certainly more relaxed around the house now, and even Shadow decided last week that she wasnt so bad and will play with him.

27.11.13    Cracked the crate problem :)   Clova had to stay in a smaller crate in the hall this morning whilst i took a class - she was hidden away under the desk away from any of the dogs, but after a few minutes of crying she settled!  Quiet in the car too!



In the afternoon class, we went out for a roadwalk, so out came the doggy pouch and we walked through the centre of Derby.  Clova was fascinated with everything she saw - people, traffic - she wasn't fazed by an ambulance or scores of students outside the college when we walked past.

26.11.2013  Clova came to work with me today - carried around in the pouch out of harms way.  Her head didnt disappear once as she watched everyone working their dogs.


My eldest son appeared in the middle of one of the classes with a few friends.  Once of them, Olivia is doing a photography course at college and wanted some puppy photos for her portfolio - of course Clova obliged.

25.11.2013   Clova still not a happy bunny in a crate, either in the house, or in the car.  How can such a small puppy create so much noise!


Visited the vets this afternoon for her first set of jabs (weighs 5.4kg) - again what an angel!  she takes everything in her stride (except the crate!)

24.11.2013   Ryan had a football match, so loaded the car up with boys and dogs and travelled to the match.  this time Clova was in a crate on the back seat - what a noise all the way there!!   Once there, she was wrapped up nice and cosy in the doggy pouch and introduced to the game of football! - What an angel!



23.11.2013    travelled up to Yorkshire to pick up Clova.  She travelled home tucked up in a "doggy pouch" on Ryans lap (seatbelt on of course!) - not a peep!  Once we were home, she made herself very comfortable in one of the dog beds in the living room - Shadow not quite so sure of her though.   When it came to bedtime however, we discovered that Clova didnt want to stay in a crate, eventhough Shadow was sleeping next to her!


14.11.13   This is Clova on the right with one of her sisters (not yet named) - looking very curiously at something!

10.11.13    Travelled up to Yorkshire to meet Clova for the first time.  When we arrived all the puppies were lying quietly so we had a cup of tea and watched them.  Anne then went and made the pups dinner at which point they all woke up, ate and started to play.  Ryan went onto the puppy pen and Quincy became very interested in his toes!  Clova decided she was going to go outside to explore and run through the big tunnel a few times before she became very interested in a long piece of grass!  She did have a wee outside so I'm thinking "what a clever girl already!" - probably a fluke !!   The pups then decided they all needed a sleep again, so we came home, looking forward to the 23rd November when we pick Clova up to bring her home :)